MT4 WebTrader
Online Trading Platform

An online platform that gives quick and easy access to a range of markets. No need for additional software, downloads or installations.

MetaTrader WebTrader Platform

Trading is more accessible than ever with our MetaTrader 4 Web Trader platform. It’s the same MT4 platform that you’re used to but is now available directly on your browser.

In just one click, your MetaTrader 4 Web Trader Platform will open in a new window giving you instant access to trading – anywhere, anytime!

Koinvestforexbrokers’s WebTrader gives you a reliable and intuitive interface, enhanced by securely encrypting any transmitted data. Our traders have access to one-click functionality to open & close trades, employ effective risk management and access exceptional charting capabilities.

In our guide to online trading platforms we’re going to be looking at some information regarding how they function, what you can do and how they differ from the desktop version.

Key Features of MetaTrader WebTrader

  • Real-time quotes in the Market Watch.
  • Customizable price charts.
  • 9 different time frames.
  • Direct access through all modern browser.
  • 30+ Indicators.
  • Complete trading history.
  • Securely encrypted data transmission.
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Key Features of Metatrader Webtrader

What are online trading platforms?

Also known as an ‘electronic trading platform’, online trading platforms are software used to place orders on financial products. There’s a huge range of different products available with a trading platform online. Ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and derivatives, the huge selection allows many traders to diversify their portfolio without the need of downloading a desktop program.

Online trading platforms allow traders to access the financial markets from any location in the world which is a far cry from the traditional floor trading that used to only be available to large investors.

Online trading platforms stream live prices to traders and are usually coupled with trading tools like charts, news feeds and other account management tools to enable traders to analyse the markets in more depth.
In this section we’re going to be focusing solely on commercial platforms as they’ve been designed specifically for retail traders. There are however prop platforms that are designed for large brokerages to suit the large volume of trading that they require.

Commercial online trading platforms have been designed with ease-or-use in mind. They’re calibrated to enable retail traders to develop and grow while using a trading platform online and, tend to have a great deal of material available online to allows users to master the platforms effectively.

MT4 online in particular has a wealth of information available that explains how to conduct basic functions within the platform. However, one of the huge benefits of using MT4 webtrading is that is has pretty much the exact same functionality as the desktop version.

What are the benefits of using
a trading platform online?

Using a trading platform online, particularly the MT4 Webtrader enables retail clients to access an online trading platform without having to download any software. Some traders find it less hassle to be able to simply visit a website, enter their login details and then use the program within their browser. This is especially true for those who may not have their own computer or are looking to trade from any device without the need to download the platform each time.

Following on from the fact that no download is necessary, its also of huge benefit that using the Web Trader version of the MT4 means you’ll never be required to update the software. Each and every time you log on, you’ll be using the up-to-date version.

As you’re probably aware, the MT4 itself comes with huge functionality available for retail traders. Retails traders are given real-time access to Market Prices and liquidity which is the same as when they use web trader online. There’s also a plethora of tools available for technical and fundamental analysis, including extensive charting capabilities, indicators and news feeds. It’s important to note however that despite the huge range of functionality on Web Trader, it doesn’t have all of the capabilities that the desktop version does. We’ll go into more detail about that later on.

The platform also enables multiple trading orders for flexibility when trading. You’re able to open and close orders while benefitting from robust security and stability to ensure you don’t experience issues while trading.

Koinvestforexbrokers’s MetaTrader
Web Trader Benefits

Full Functionality


Giving you the same tools and charting capabilities as you’d receive on the desktop based application.
No Download Necessary


So you can access your MT4 or MT5 account from any computer, absolutely anywhere!
Enhanced Two-way Synchronisation


Allowing any trades opened within the MT4 or MT5 to be seamlessly reflected across all MetaTrader interfaces.
Html-based Application


Giving users ultimate streaming connectivity, while supporting trading across multiple asset classes.
Instantaneous Synchronisation


Between Web Trader and other Metaquotes software - effectively eliminating the risk of delays or non-communicated trades.
Full Account History Access


See your full account history whether you’ve traded from the terminal itself or through your browser.

How to access Metatrader 4 online?

One of the main benefits of working with MetaTrader products is the ease of operability that you’re given. So, why would it be any different with the MT4 web trader? Well, it isn’t! The platform itself is hosted by Metaquotes and then you can get the location or URL from your individual broker.

So, although it is accessed through a URL online, each URL for each broker will be different. It’s the same program but will be on your broker’s server. This means that you’ll need a trading account with the broker that you want to work with in order to access their specific version of the MetaTrader web trader.

This is slightly different to the MT4 desktop version in the way that you can simply log out of one broker account on and login with another, using the same program. With the MT4 web platform however, you’ll need to visit your specific broker’s Webtrader URL.

Ours can be found by clicking here.

Login to Metatrader 4 Online

The metatrader online login is a relatively straightforward process. The MT4 web trading capability is much like that of other online investment platforms, whereby you simply visit the webpage and login. We’ll go through the process in a little more detail to show you how it’s done.
Metatrader Webtrader Platform

Visit Koinvestforexbrokers’s webtrader by clicking here.

Metatrader Webtrader Platform

You’ll then be prompted connect to an account

Metatrader Webtrader Platform

Enter your account details in the fields within the window and click ‘OK

Metatrader Webtrader Platform

You should then be logged in!

It’s important to note that you must already have an account with Koinvestforexbrokers to do this. If you haven’t got one yet, then you can register by clicking here.

Functionality of WebTrader

Much like the desktop version, Webtrader offers users a high degree of functionality for trading.

Users have access to a multitude of charting capabilities which are fully customizable. So basically, you can tailor the appearance of the platform to your preferences. The available charting tools are cutting edge with a huge range of indicators to facilitate effective analysis for your trading.

You’re also given ultra-fast execution and no requotes just like you’d get when using the desktop version.

One difference however between the online webtrader in comparison to the desktop version is the fact that there are some functions unavailable from those on the desktop version. One of these is the use of EAs. As EAs are usually designed in the MQL4 environment and then added onto the desktop version, that capability isn’t available on the webtrader version.

This also applies to custom indicators as they’re uploaded onto the desktop version in the same way that is EA is. We’ve gone into more detail about the way you can do this on our MT4 page which you can check out here.